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Healthcare Professionals



You work your entire life taking care of others. Due to this you are often overworked, exhausted and don’t have time or desire to pay attention to your financial matters. Often faced with large student loans, navigating your way through your financial path can be challenging. Having a partner to do the work with you during your career can be a game changer. Allow yourself to focus on what you do best - providing care for your patients and let us provide you with the guidance you need to a successful financial lifestyle.


Student Loans

Understanding how to quickly pay off your student loans can put you ahead of the game to securing your own financial independence. There are lots of way to approach this process, but the key is to get started.

Student Loan Analysis, Reimbursement Program Research

Insurance Planning

Protecting yourself against the worst case scenarios early in your career allows you to pay off your student loans more effectively and start saving money on your own. We try to provide you with the best benefits at the most effective costs early in your career and upgrade the plans when your finances allow it.

Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Liability Insurance, Homeowner & Auto Insurance

Retirement Savings

Starting your retirement savings program can be overwhelming if you don’t take the time to do some research. If you have the time, the expertise, and the desire to do this research on your own you may not need an advisor, but if you are like most healthcare professionals you don’t have all three of those and that’s where Journey Group can help.

Sample Allocation Models, Risk Budgeted Guided Portfolios, Roth IRA, Rollover IRA 

College Savings

As you know your income plays a factor in how much you qualify for student aid. Putting a plan together while your children are young makes it much easier than waiting until they are ready to go to college.

529 Plans, UTMA/UGMA Accounts, Education IRAs

Liability Protection

Your field of work comes with risks associated especially in today’s lawsuit happy world. Making sure your assets are protected properly is often times overlooked when it comes to your insurance planning.

Umbrella Insurance, Homeowner & Auto Insurance Liability Review